At the Beach

It sure has been nice to relax at the beach after a being on the road. We have been staying around Ao Nang, which is on the southwest coast of Thailand. We arrived after 11:30 PM with no hotel reservation. After walking around for an hour, we’d given up hope of getting a proper bed and resigned ourselves to sleeping on the floor of a hostel called “Slumber Party.” No joke.

By a stroke of luck, we happened across some Thai dudes hanging out in front of a small hotel, who found us a room and set us up for the night. The Green Leaf Guesthouse proved to be comfortable and clean. Just what we needed!

A few days later, we decided to head over to Ton Sai, which is a small beach only accessible by boat. Ton Sai is an idyllic location, set between towering limestone cliffs, with a soft sandy beach that looks out onto blue ocean.

Ton sai beach

Carrie at Ton sai

John and James at Ton sai

We chose what we thought would be the perfect place to stay. A small thatched beach bungalow, just a few feet from the beach, no electricity. As it turns out, this beach bungalow resort plays ear splitting techno music eight feet from our bed…until about four AM. John and I had to laugh. After two days without running water, we were ready to head back to civilization.

Sunset at Ton Sai

Now, we are back in Ao Nang, staying at the Green Leaf Guesthouse again. Compared to our beach bungalow experience, this little hotel feels like the Four Seasons.


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