Three Days in Cambodia

The massive temples of Angor brought us to Cambodia.

Not really knowing what to expect, we arrived in the small dusty town of Siem Reap a few days ago and have spent the entire time on the go. We’ve seen many of the major temples and complexes of Angor, and let me just say “wow.”


Although Angor Wat is the most famous, we really enjoyed the smaller, lesser-known temple complexes. Walking through the jungle into the temples felt like a cross between Legends of the Hidden Temple and Indiana Jones. The combination of nature and man-made structure creates a peaceful and interesting experience.


At it’s height, Angor Thom was believed to have a population of about 150,000 people.

Temple and Tree

Oh, did I mention that we found some friends from home along the way? Great timing to see Chris Meister and Alli Adamonis as they make their way through Southeast Asia. It’s awesome to hang out with your friends halfway around the globe.

Seattle Friends in Cambodia

We made some new friends, too.


As a destination, Siem Reap is really only good as a base to see the surrounding temples. The town itself is packed with tourists and everything is priced accordingly. It’s hard for me to form an accurate point of view on Cambodia based on Siem Reap. I’d love to come back and spend more time here to experience the culture and people.

Now we are at the airport, bound for the BEACH. Bye for now!

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