Portland, here we come!


It’s official. We are moving to Portland!

I accepted a job at a boutique marketing agency in Portland, working on mission-based brands. That means I’ll be working on clients that are organic, sustainable, fair-trade, etc. I’m thrilled to be working  at a place where I can feel I’m making a difference. Having worked at all different types of agencies, ranging from global to family-owned, this place seems like the perfect fit for me.

We also found a cute little apartment in the Buckman neighborhood in SE. I’ve always wanted to live in one of those 1930’s buildings, with old world charm and lots of odd-shaped storage.

Meanwhile, John is hard at work in ground school, learning all about Horizon Air in a similar fashion to one drinking from a fire hose. He’ll be up in Seattle doing simulator training for the month of May. Then, he’ll be back down in Portland after that.

Here’s to weekend barbecues, ethnic food, wine country excursions, and tax-free shopping!

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