We’re in Love…

…with Cape Town.

So far, this is my favorite city. We’ve been here for nearly five days and we are savoring every moment. We’re staying in Greenpoint, in the shadow of Signal Hill and very close to Table Mountain. Our apartment overlooks the V&A waterfront, Cape Town Stadium, and Table Bay. The view is fantastic.

It’s summer here, and the weather is perfect. How strange it is to have summer in February. It will be hot and sunny on Valentine’s day!

A few days ago, we braved the 3,558-foot ascent up Table Mountain. Opting for the shorter route, the climb took us 1.5 hours. It was tough, but extremely rewarding. The climb was a great workout that offered  sweeping panoramic views at the top.

Our friends Laura and Andi from Germany are here on holiday as well, so naturally we’ve been spending time together. John and I have been to five countries with them. What fun it is to see friends in far off places.

Next up, we embark upon the adventure of purchasing a vehicle in a foreign country…yay! It should be interesting.

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