Our Favorite Inspirational Travel Sites

You can spend countless hours browsing, reading and dreaming on travel websites. From travel tips, to destination details and everything in between, there’s a ton of great information out there. We spent a lot of time reading online before we embarked on our own trip. We know how important it is to become inspired, so we want to share some of our favorite travel websites with you.

These websites can provide you with the excitement and knowledge you need to start planning YOURnext adventure…

The Art of NonconformityChris Guillebeau: has been traveling the world and challenging the status quo for years. He’s an inspiration to anyone looking to follow their dreams. He has a ton of resources on his site, including a few e-books and a fantastic blog, the Art of Nonconformity.


Beers and Beans: A journalist and photographer, this couple makes a great travel team. They post some of the best photos and most insightful blog posts. In fact, they recently released an e-book Getting Out of Auto, all about taking better photographs. I have found the book to be really helpful. If you want to buy the book, click here.  As a bonus, their website is sleek and beautifully designed.

Nomadic MattNomadic Matt: Matt is huge on budget travel. He’s been traveling full-time since 2006, so he has a lot of practical tips and advice. Matt has been there and done that! This site is a must-read for people looking to travel on a shoestring.


2 Backpackers: This couple has been all over the world, from Antarctica to South America. They post cool videos, along with inspirational blog posts and photos. There is enough content on their site to keep readers busy for a while!

Wanderlust and the girlWanderlust and the Girl: This site has a ton of travel tips on destinations, tours, budget travel, and much more. I especially like the section about work exchange programs or “woofing.” Work exchange programs offer a rich cultural experience that you just can’t get from staying in a hostel or hotel.


Nomadic Habit: This traveling couple posts some great eye candy. Although less about writing and travel tips…this minimalist site has stunning photos, which keeps me coming back for more.

Rick StevesRick Stevesfocuses on trips to Europe for a slightly older audience. But, his site has a ton of travel tips and information. It’s a great place for new travelers to start, because he offers a lot of basic and no-nonsense advice. He also has a show on PBS.


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